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Frequently Asked Questions

  • chevron_rightWhat does an association management company do?
    In short, an association management company handles the day-to-day business of the association.  Different companies offer different levels services.  At MAK Management, LLC, our goal is to provide the most comprehensive package of solutions for your association.  Take a look at Our Services for a full list of how we're able to help your association.  You can also check out AllPropertyManagement.com for useful tips!
  • chevron_rightWhat services does my association need?
    Each association is unique.  We tailor our services to meet your specific needs.  At a high level, most associations need aspects of:
    Community Relations Management
    Administration and Information Management
    Governance Management
    General Site Supervision and Management
    Strategic Planning
    Financial Management
    Check out Our Services for additional details.  Or, contact us to discuss your association's specific needs!
  • chevron_rightHow much do association management services cost?
    The cost of management services varies depending on the needs of your association.  Some ways to look at the costs of management services are:
    Monthly cost - The monthly fee you'll pay an association manager.
    Annual cost - The yearly fee you'll pay an association manager.  This is an important number when looking at your annual budget.
    Cost "per door" - The monthly or annual cost of management services as a function of the number of homes or "doors" in your association.
    Other questions to ask when looking at association management services:
    Do you charge bill "markups"?
    How will residents and board members contact you?
    Will you attend meetings?
    How do you handle after hours calls and emergencies?
    What are services you will not provide to the association?
    AllPropertyManagement.com also has a lot of useful information about hiring and working with a professional property manager.
  • chevron_rightDo you provide website services?
    Yes, we can provide everything from domain registration and hosting to maintenance and regular updates.