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Resources for Vendors

MAK Management, LLC is the property management company that manages the association that contracted your vendor services.  We are responsible for managing association vendors and processing all invoices and payments for the association . MAK Management, LLC is committed to promptly remitting payment for your services provided to the association.  To assist us with that task, we have provided the instructions below for vendors to follow. We look forward to working with your company for the benefit of the community.
Required Documentation
IRS W-9 Form
MAK Management, LLC requires a completed IRS W-9 Form to be on file for all vendors. Please submit a completed W-9 if this is the first time you are providing services to a MAK Management, LLC association.  Upon completion of the W-9, please scan and email the attachment to docs@MAKManagementLLC.com, attention Accounts Payable.  Click HERE to download a W-9.
Certificate of Insurance
MAK Management, LLC requires a current Certificate of Insurance to be on file for all vendors providing on-site services to the association (e.g., landscaping, repair and maintenance, pool services, etc.…). Please ensure that you have submitted a current Certificate of Insurance for each Association that you service. Please refer any questions regarding insurance requirements to the Property Manager that obtained your services for the association.
Account Name and Billing Address
The account name and billing address should be stated as follows:
Association Legal Name
C/o MAK Management, LLC
18977 W 158th Street
Olathe, KS 66062
Invoice Information Requirements 
Please include the following information on your invoice:
  • Association Legal Name
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Remittance Address
  • Service date(s)
  • Description of Service(s) Provided
Invoice Submission Procedures
Invoices must be submitted by mail to MAK Management, LLC at 15829 S Mahaffie Street, Olathe, KS 66062, or emailed to docs@MAKManagementLLC.com.  Please submit each invoice in a separate document and submit one invoice per association.
Invoice and Payment Processing Procedures
MAK Management, LLC processes invoices and payments each week to to ensure prompt payment to vendors. MAK Management, LLC utilizes an automated  system to process invoices for payment and has controls in place to ensure each invoice is approved before disbursement.  Please note, the length of the process can vary for each invoice depending upon several factors, including whether the vendor has provided all necessary and correct information as noted above.
It will generally take up to 30 days for a vendor to receive payment after receipt of an invoice, including mail time.  All payments will be mailed to the vendor address we currently have on file. If we receive communication from the vendor requesting to pick up payment in person, we will do our best to accommodate this request. However, payments will not be available for in-person pick up until there is an agreed upon time between MAK Management, LLC and the vendor. Please note there are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy.